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Archaeologists from the University of Glasgow have uncovered ‘conclusive evidence’ that a wooden hut traditionally associated with St Columba on the monastery at Iona dates to within his lifetime. Carbon dating has led to the significant breakthrough, which categorically proves that samples of hazel charcoal, unearthed from an excavation of a simple wattle and timber structure on Iona 60 years ago, dates back to the exact period Columba lived and worked at the Inner Hebridean monastery. The samples, excavated in by British archaeologist Professor Charles Thomas, were kept in his garage in Cornwall, preserved in matchboxes, until when they were given to Historic Scotland now Historic Environment Scotland. A University of Glasgow team of archaeologists identified the significance of the finds and recently submitted the samples for carbon dating. The site was later marked with a cross. St Columba is a key figure in Western Christendom. He was the national patron saint of Scotland in the Middle Ages. Luckily Thomas kept hold of them, as he knew they were important, and because they were kept dry, they were still in a good condition. Radiocarbon dating was in its infancy, it had only been discovered a year earlier in , so there was not a lot they could do with the samples. It is a remarkable lesson in the value of curating excavation archives for as long as it takes, to make sure the material is ready for the next wave of technology.

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We do not know why the Picts carved and erected the stones scattered about Scotland. These stones have symbols carved directly into the stone. They may have been intended as:. On these stones, the Christian cross dominates the traditional symbols. They were mostly used as:.

Proc Soc Antiq Scot (), 41–89 This included an osteological study and AMS dating of selected Assessment, therefore, is of an ad hoc nature.

Not only did the Scottish National Party win back a swath of seats lost to Labour and the Tories in , but with Brexit now inevitable, her campaign to break-up the United Kingdom has received a major boost. Scotland is, after all, a drain on national resources. Her campaign to break up the UK seems to have been given a boost. Under the Barnett Formula — the mechanism by which public spending is divided across the UK — Scotland receives a full 20 per cent more per head of population than England, a substantial sum, however the SNP tries to spin it.

And if English voters are exasperated, many of us north of the border are deeply worried. Breaking up the Union would not only put an end to this large subsidy, it would leave Scotland in serious financial trouble. Indeed, economists have warned that an independent Scotland would face years of cuts in public service, or tax rises, or a combination of both. Some are wondering why Boris Johnson is still bothering with the country which has seen year three pupils attainment drop by more than a third due to changes by the SNP party.

And that was after a heavy round of cuts to public services. Much has been made of the Scottish oil fields and the wealth that would flow into an independent Scotland. During the referendum campaign, for example, the Nationalists promised that North Sea oil would underpin a booming economy. An independent Scotland would lose the security of sterling and would no longer have the protection of Bank of England to underwrite its debts.

She diverts attention from the fact that the financial circumstances in which an independent Scotland would find itself might make it ineligible to join.

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Scots is a beautiful language, whether used by Rabbie Burns or Renton emerging from the toilet in Trainspotting. While it might not be considered a sexy way of speaking to some, no one can deny the raw power that comes from the Scottish accent. Everything is in bold, underlined, and more passionate than many of the inflections of down south… And good sex definitely requires passion.

that he mistook Gospel Verity dating (said to have been in- vented three centuries later by Marianus Scot us) for A. D. dating, and consequently erred to the.

Three new recruits have been enlisted onto the lord lieutenancy team in Sutherland, it has been announced. There have been no additional confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Highlands in the past 24 hours, new figures have shown. Civic leader Willie Mackay has welcomed the Berriedale realignment — while highlighting other parts of the A9 that he says also need to be improved.

Engineers have started work between Cassley and Rhiconich to upgrade and strengthen the local electricity network. Matt MacPherson of The Malt Room in Inverness used the value of his rare whisky to help him through tough times during lockdown. Mike Dennison, marketing and tourism development co-ordinator for Sustrans Scotland, shares his experience of a tandem tour of the Snow Roads. Fancy growing your own patch of flowers for cutting? Hannah Stephenson asks the pros for their top tips.

The event which showcases caravans, motorhomes, campervans and holiday homes, will be held at the venue between November 5 and 8. A pub landlord has abandoned plans to turn a popular live music venue into a city centre hostel despite winning planning approval for the move. New recruits for Sutherland royal team Three new recruits have been enlisted onto the lord lieutenancy team in Sutherland, it has been announced.

Call for other A9 improvements following end of Berriedale scheme. Call for other A9 improvements following end of Berriedale scheme Civic leader Willie Mackay has welcomed the Berriedale realignment — while highlighting other parts of the A9 that he says also need to be improved.

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And the Scot played his own pivotal part in the development of these new scientific advances. Automobile companies are working round the clock at the moment to create these new vehicles in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. But, almost years ago, Davidson originally devised the mechanics of bringing such a plan to fruition.

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Britain and Ireland are so thoroughly divided in their histories that there is no single word to refer to the inhabitants of both islands. But geneticists who have tested DNA throughout the British Isles are edging toward a different conclusion. Many are struck by the overall genetic similarities, leading some to claim that both Britain and Ireland have been inhabited for thousands of years by a single people that have remained in the majority, with only minor additions from later invaders like Celts, Romans, Angles , Saxons, Vikings and Normans.

The genetic evidence is still under development, however, and because only very rough dates can be derived from it, it is hard to weave evidence from DNA, archaeology, history and linguistics into a coherent picture of British and Irish origins. That has not stopped the attempt. In Dr. The British Isles were unpopulated then, wiped clean of people by glaciers that had smothered northern Europe for about 4, years and forced the former inhabitants into southern refuges in Spain and Italy.

When the climate warmed and the glaciers retreated, people moved back north. The new arrivals in the British Isles would have found an empty territory, which they could have reached just by walking along the Atlantic coastline, since there were still land bridges then across what are now English Channel and the Irish Sea. This new population, who lived by hunting and gathering, survived a sharp cold spell called the Younger Dryas that lasted from 12, to 11, years ago.

Much later, some 6, years ago, agriculture finally reached the British Isles from its birthplace in the Near East. Agriculture may have been introduced by people speaking Celtic, in Dr. Although the Celtic immigrants may have been few in number, they spread their farming techniques and their language throughout Ireland and the western coast of Britain. Later immigrants arrived from northern Europe had more influence on the eastern and southern coasts.

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The shortest scheduled flight in the world is one-and-a-half miles long from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The journey takes 1 minute 14 seconds to complete. The Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae pictured below , on the island of Orkney, is the oldest building in Britain , dating from BC. Scotland vote: Cameron accused of ‘Thatcher-esque’ interference. Deep fried butter balls and other Scottish delicacies. The Hamilton Mausoleum in South Lanarkshire has the longest echo of any man-made structure in the world; a whole 15 seconds.

Scotland has more than square miles of freshwater lakes , including the famous Loch Ness.

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By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more about our cookie policy. Extras Original two up seat Sissy bar. Since owning the bike it has had 2 full services, including belts, the last one at Ducati Glasgow in November where everything that was needed was done and bike want. The motorcycle is in excellent condition and ready for the season – all service has been done. Perfect for long distance.

Cf. Sydney Page, “Ransom Saying,” DJG, –62; Scot McKnight, “Jesus and If we follow the A.D. 30 dating, Jesus arrives in Bethany late Friday afternoon on.

The unnamed victim, from Dumfries and Galloway, spent weeks chatting with the fraudster via messages and phone calls and believed they were in love. The unnamed victim, from Dumfries and Galloway , spent weeks chatting with the fraudster via messages and phone calls and believed they were in love. After building the trust of the victim, the con artist asked for money to to be sent over in order to complete a work contract in the oil and gas industry.

Over the course of the next three months, the victim sent several payments via bank transfer and bitcoin, of large sums of money to the fraudster. They were sent documentation, invoices and a contract to prove the cash was needed to buy or fix machinery. The victim was told on completion of the contract, their supposed new love interest would be paid millions of dollars and so the cash would be returned in full. After eventually realising the scam, the victim requested money back but was either ignored or told the money would not be returned until the end of the year.

By Magdalene Dalziel Showbiz Editor.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland would remain in phase three of its lockdown exit strategy on August 20 for at least another three weeks. By law the Scottish Government is required to review lockdown restrictions every three weeks, but with schools reopening last week and the country dealing with a number of outbreaks the country was required to remain in phase 3.

Despite the rapidity with which the country initially moved through its route map out of lockdown, the Scottish Government opted to keep the handbrake on and reject a move into phase four. By law, the Scottish Government is required to review lockdown and physical distancing measures every three weeks. Ms Sturgeon, however, has looked to manage the expectations of the public, suggesting that phase three may last longer than the first two phases of the phased strategy.

Provisional measures for stage four have been outlined by the government on its official website.

Proc Soc Antiq Scot (), – first radiocarbon dates from crannogs in north first millennium AD construction of crannogs in.

Archaeologists have reconstructed the weathered face of a balding, middle-age man suffering from back trouble and severe dental disease. He died more than years ago and was buried in Aberdeen, Scotland. Using facial reconstruction technology, researchers crafted a digital model that offered a glimpse of the man — known as “Skeleton ,” or “SK” — showing what he may have looked like in life, Aberdeen City Council representatives said in a statement.

The result reveals the year-old man’s face, with blue eyes that are set close together and a jaw that is missing many of its teeth. The skull’s condition indicated years of serious tooth and gum problems , which led to tooth loss, a chronic abscess and cavities, according to the statement. The building was constructed in on the site of a friary and a church, both built in the 13th century and destroyed in , council representatives said.

Further excavation inside the gallery uncovered 60 skeletons in individual graves , the oldest of which — including SK — dated to between and , according to the statement. His level of preservation meant that we were confident that he would be able to tell us lots about his life,” Milburn told Live Science in an email. Osteologist Mara Tesorieri pieced together a picture of SK’s overall health by examining his skeleton, Milburn said. Along with his tooth and jaw troubles, he showed signs of degenerative joint disease in his middle and lower back, possibly causing back pain.

He stood between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 5 inches to centimeters tall, which was shorter than average for Scottish men during that period, according to the statement.

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A spectacular hillfort overlooking a tiny Aberdeenshire village has been revealed as one of the largest ancient settlements ever discovered in Scotland. Pictish Hillfort Aberdeenshire University of Aberdeen. Their discovery means that the area, which today is a quiet village home to just a few hundred people, once had a hilltop settlement that at its height may have rivalled the largest known post-Roman settlements in Europe.

Archaeologists from the University have conducted extensive fieldwork in the surrounding area since but had previously focused on the lower valley long noted for its Pictish heritage thanks to the famous Rhynie Man standing stone found on Barflat farm. Here at a settlement in the valley they discovered evidence for the drinking of Mediterranean wine, the use of glass vessels from western France and intensive metalwork production which suggested it was a high-status site, possible even with royal connections.

remains from another pit returned 1st Millennium AD dates. The excavations were Scottish Archaeological Journal 34–5 (): 25– Edinburgh University.

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