Elton John – Rocket Man (Official Music Video)

Click for digital version. In the s, there were few musicians more successful than Elton John, the British singer and piano player who partnered with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Fifteen of the 19 albums released in the United States during this time went gold [K] or platinum [1 million]. Young Reggie at piano. However, both parents were musically inclined and record collectors, among which were Bill Haley and Elvis Presley recordings that young Reggie liked most. At the age of 11, Reggie won a junior scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, where he attended Saturday morning sessions for several years. At school on occasion — presaging his later stage antics — Reggie would imitate the raucous piano style of rocker Jerry Lee Lewis. By age 15, he was playing piano in a local pub.

Elton John: Rocket Man

Rolling Stone lists it as of its greatest songs of all-time. On 21 October , the song was certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry for sales of , digital downloads. But according to an account in Elizabeth Rosenthal’s book His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John , the song was inspired by Taupin’s sighting of either a shooting star or a distant aeroplane. The song describes a Mars -bound astronaut ‘s mixed feelings at leaving his family in order to do his job.

Rosenthal’s account goes on to relate that the notion of astronauts no longer being perceived as heroes, but in fact as an “everyday occupation”, led Taupin to the song’s opening lines: “She packed my bags last night, pre-flight.

When Taron Egerton spoke with Elton John about portraying the pop icon onscreen in ‘Rocketman,’ John had one request. “He said not to try.

The film is as grand, over-the-top, and filled with gaudy fun as the sold-out performances of its subject, singer-songwriter Sir Elton John. The film focuses on the loneliness of John’s early childhood, his rise to fame, and his struggles with addiction. We experience different chapters of John’s life through the lens of his hits. The filmmakers shamelessly mix fiction and fact, and as a result some details are lost and others are drowned out. The film opens with John walking down a hallway dressed as the devil with darkly feathered wings, a skull cap with top-heavy horns, and a bright orange jumpsuit with sparkled flames.

Resting on his nose are one of the who-knows-how-many pairs of eyeglasses Egerton wears in the movie, sporting heart-shaped red lenses. But instead of emerging onstage, John walks right into what appears to be a group therapy circle. He takes a seat and gives us a long list of his ailments — alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, bulimia, and more. The devil costume is, well, a costume.

The Song “Rocket Man” Has Its Own Origin Story Outside Of The New Elton John Biopic

Elton John is not a nostalgist. He met Taupin Jamie Bell onscreen by chance after both answered an ad in a British music magazine. He splits his time among multiple homes with Furnish and their sons, ages 8 and 6. In separate phone interviews — Taupin, 69, from his home in California, and John from a tour stop in Copenhagen — the pair discussed putting their lives on film. These are edited excerpts from the conversations. Is the movie hard for you to sit through?

“Still up for more Elton after the movie and the memoir? This in-depth retrospective is just the thing.” —People magazine; featured as one of the year’s “​Best New.

You have to sit still, mostly, through the whole thing. Who wants to sit down and watch a movie about an art form that makes you wanna shout? But rock biopics, done right, can jump the synapse between how movies work on us and how music moves us, and Rocketman —the story of shy Reginald Dwight from North London, who would become showman and songman extraordinaire Elton John—sparks that duotone euphoria.

Fletcher prefers the operatic approach over restraint, and his instincts pay off. The real Elton John is now in his 70s, married and semi-retired from touring as he raises his young family; he has been sober for nearly 30 years. Later, though, we see him buckling under the disapproval and indifference of his parents Steven Mackintosh and Bryce Dallas Howard. Their lack of affection for him sets the jagged course of his life. Bohemian Rhapsody was partially directed by Fletcher, who stepped in after Bryan Singer was fired from the production.

The artists they brought to us were often dazzling and flamboyant, blurring the line between masculine and feminine, and leading us to wonder how much the line mattered in the first place. By the early s, young people were already tired of their hippie predecessors, jawing on about how much acid they dropped or how much no-strings-attached sex they had or what a genius Dylan was before he went electric.

No wonder the Freddie Mercury of Bohemian Rhapsody and the Elton John of Rocketman are the men of the moment, the very people we seem to want to hear from now. Both were masters of self-invention who celebrated love and pleasure even when masking their own heartbreak.

Shaping the music of ‘Rocketman’: A leap of faith into Elton John’s sonic landscape

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. At first glance, “Rocket Man” might not seem like a song worthy of very close critical attention. Catchy and fun, yes, groundbreaking and original… maybe not so much. And in terms of Elton John’s career, the song was less a radical turning point than an incremental advance on previous work.

John’s hit “Your Song” was already on the radio.

‘Hey Jude’ And Apple Records’ First Singles. Stream Some Classic Pop.

Song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Kate Bush recorded a cover of the song in as a track for the album Two Rooms , which was released two years later. All formats features another Elton John cover, Candle in the wind, with an added instrumental version of that track on the 12″ single and CD-single. The poster sleeve of the 7″ single in the UK was slightly bigger than the European version. A black and white music video was filmed with her band as a simple performance video, with Kate playing a ukulele, apparently as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe in the movie ‘Some like it hot’.

Alan Murphy, who had died since recording his guitar part on ‘Rocket Man’, was given a nod by filming a guitar on a chair at some points in the video. She appeared with her own band and playing a ukelele, lipsynching the song. From the age of 11, Elton John was my biggest hero. I loved his music, had all his albums and I hoped one day I’d play the piano like him I still do.

Rocket Man – (Elton John cover)

On 30 August , the song was certified Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry for sales of , digital downloads and streaming equivalent sales. The song describes a Mars -bound astronaut ‘s mixed feelings at leaving his family in order to do his job. Rosenthal’s account goes on to relate that the notion of astronauts no longer being perceived as heroes, but in fact as an “everyday occupation”, led Taupin to the song’s opening lines: “She packed my bags last night, pre-flight.

Zero hour: 9 a.

Neither is his songwriting partner of more than 50 years, Bernie Taupin, who supplies the lyrics that inspire John’s melodies. “I think one of the.

Listen to the original Elton John version of every song in ‘Rocketman. Rocketman packed a lot of Elton John songs into its two-hour and one-minute runtime. More than two dozen songs from the legendary musician’s back catalog were either performed by John Taron Egerton — and sometimes other characters — in the musical biopic, or played over other scenes. Egerton does his own singing in the film and has said the real John who served as executive producer insisted he not force himself to sound identical to the musician’s singing voice, although the actor gets close enough most of the time.

But since nobody compares to the real deal, and because many of the songs in Rocketman are brief — sometimes just a single line is sung — we were left immediately wanting to hear the full original versions of all the catchy tunes as soon as we exited the theater. Plus, a special bonus track of the Marty Robbins version of “Streets of Laredo,” the American cowboy ballad that John and songwriting partner Bernie Taupin Jamie Bell bond over in the film.

You can listen to the demo here. The Elton John songs you won’t be able to get out of your head after watching Rocketman. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

‘Rocketman’: Re-Imagining the Life and Music of Elton John as a Fantasy Jukebox Musical

The last time music producer Giles Martin and Elton John worked together they produced what remains one of the most successful singles of all time. Martin spent 18 months on the project from concept to final dub, one that he and his colleagues — including director Dexter Fletcher, composer Matthew Margeson, rerecording mixer Mike Prestwood Smith and supervising sound editors Danny Sheehan and Matthew Collinge — consider among the most collaborative efforts in their collective experience.

That hit, recorded by Martin and his father, George Martin, the legendary Beatles producer, may explain why John trusted him so implicitly with his music. For Martin, though, it was a leap of faith. For most of the other numbers, all sung by the cast, he would record demos of the vocals in the studio to bring on set for playback during rehearsals and filming.

Rocketman is set to be one of the best soundtracks of The Elton John biopic stars Taron Egerton in the central role, with Jamie Bell as.

Arriving in the wake of Queen ‘s Bohemian Rhapsody and Motley Crue ‘s The Dirt , Elton John biopic Rocketman is the latest big budget attempt to bring a familiar musical story to the screen. The movie has been a long time in the making, with Elton John and husband David Furnish originally planning to begin shooting in with photographer David LaChapelle directing. Since then it’s gone through multiple studios, directors and prospective actors, before shooting finally began in the summer of The first trailer was released on February 20, showing lead actor Taron Egerton transform into Elton John.

The following day, the official film trailer for Rocketman was released. As is the way of these things, different trailers were produced for the UK and US markets. Before he changed music, he had to reinvent himself. The video features Egerton singing the song in the studio, intercut with clips from the movie. Inspired by the short story The Rocket Man by science fiction writer Ray Bradbury or by Taupin spotting a distant shooting star, depending on which version you believe , Rocket Man reached number two in the UK singles chart it was kept off the top spot by T.

The Best Elton John Merch to Celebrate the Release of ‘Rocketman’

The lyricist for Elton John ‘s classic hit, ‘Rocket Man’, was struck by inspiration for the song while driving down an English road in the early s. The opening lyrics appeared fully formed in his mind: “She packed my bags last night pre-flight, Zero hour nine AM”. The first manned mission to the moon landed in July, , and the last landed back on Earth in December

Taron Egerton as Elton John in Rocketman We feel the cold of his loveless boyhood home with the single “I Want Love.” When he.

Rights: World. One of the most prolific and commercially successful artists in modern pop music, during a career spanning over half a century Elton John has sold over million records, including Candle In the Wind — the biggest selling single of all time. His achievements in the US charts alone total over 50 hits in the Top 40, with seven consecutive albums making No. Musically a child prodigy, by the age of 15 in Elton had formed his first pop group, Bluesology, and five years later met his long-time songwriting partner Bernie Taupin.

Elton released his debut album Empty Sky in , from which came his first big hit, Your Song, in A spectacularly productive career followed, in which he has released over 30 albums and been the recipient of no less than six Grammy Awards and five Brit Awards. Loved for his approachability and unaffected attitude to stardom, and after a career spanning nearly five decades, he still attracts capacity audiences in some of the largest auditoriums in the world, and fills them effortlessly with charismatic energy, and a musical performance that leaves fans of all ages shouting for more.

Elton John – Rocket Man (Official Music Video)